This is a collection of typical phrases from Xixona, Alicante, Spain. These phrases have been translated to English for being known all over the World.

    The Author of this collection is Fran Jones Elsmeus (known as Paco). He is from England. He was licensed of Medicine in Cambridge but came to Xixona, the Nougat´s City, to make La Temporà, because he felt in love with an AppleTower woman.

    Now he lives in the English People, next to Penya Reona, in the Carrasqueta mountain, Xixona. 

    Here it is:

  1. You look like Paco the explainer man Pareixes Paco l´explicaor.

  2. Take the candle because the procession is long Agarra el ciri que la processó és llarga.

  3. Over there in the eggs band Per ahí per la banda´ls ous.

  4. As shit by irrigation ditch (sèquia) Com cagalló per sèquia.

  5. In the same color I have a Sarnatxo Del mateix color tinc un sarnatxo.

  6. Here, the silliest makes clocks Ací el més tonto fa rellotges.

  7. To be the owner of the carchofas field Ser l´amo del carxofar.

  8. Every little rock makes wall Tota pedreta fa pared.

  9. A little blood with onion! Una poca sang en ceba !

  10. The paunch of your grandmother ! La panxa t´abuela !

  11. The fig of your mother ! La figa ta mare !

  12. Ale, to your village! Ale, a tu pueblo !

  13. That one who is not, does not find himself El que no està, no s´encontra.

  14. How are you? Suffering and having rabies Com estàs? Patint i rabiant.

  15. With a pinch (pessic) I pick you up D´un pessic t´alce en alt.

  16. With a flea, makes a horse D´una puça fer un cavall.

  17. Give  the trompa back to the boy! Torna-li la trompa al xic !

  18. Wheeling, wheeling, to the Albaida Port... Roant, roant, al port d´Albaida.

  19. The Mother who goes ! La mare que va !

  20. And the father who comes back! I el pare que torna !

  21. Take care, don´t scald Tin cuidao no t´escaldes.

  22. It rains a little bit, but although it rains a little, it rains enough Plou poc, però per a lo poc que plou, plou prou.

  23. Throws more a fig´s hair that a ship´s rope Tira més un pel de figa que una maroma de barco.

  24. Next to nothing says the little paper Quasi res diu el paperet.

  25. Good night crucible (cresol), that the light puts out Bona nit, cresol, que la llum s´apaga.

  26. What goes forward, goes forward Lo que va davant, va davant.

  27. Good morning in the morning! Bona nit, pel matí !

  28. Yes, wait for you good sitted down Si, espera´t ben sentadet...

  29. Going melon Anar meló.

  30. Going fried Anar fregit.

  31. Do from intestine, heart Fer de tripas corasón.

  32. Who is hungry, dreams about rolls Qui te fam, somia rotllos.

  33. If Queen knew what Giraboix is, she would came to Xixona to suck the Boix Si la reina sapiguera el que són els giraboix, a Xixona vendría a llepar el boix.

  34. With patience and a stem, the sky is won Amb paciència i una canya, el cel es guanya.

  35. Work and Stick ! Faena i garrot.

  36. To be of Good Year Estar de bon any.

  37. And now what are we doing with the stock/hot liquid (caldo) I ara què fem del caldo?

  38. Always the same song! Sempre la mateixa cançó !

  39. I would like to see you  by a little hole! M´agradaria vore´t per un foradet!

To be continue...

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